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Writer, Performer and Book Doctor

Hal Duncan is the author of VELLUM, INK, TESTAMENT, and numerous short stories, poems, essays, and even some musicals. Various chapbooks, ebooks and audiobooks can be ordered via Bandcamp, and regular video and audio performances can be accessed via Patreon. As a book doctor, he offers manuscript critique and one-to-one mentoring services at reasonable rates.

Homophobic hatemail once dubbed him "THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!!" (sic). A sometime blogger at Notes from New Sodom, you'll find him on Twitter as @Hal_Duncan, revelling in that role.
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Hal Duncan's debut VELLUM was published in 2005, garnering nominations for the Crawford, Locus, BFS and World Fantasy Award, and winning the Spectrum, Kurd Lasswitz and Tähtivaeltaja.  Described by Lucius Shepard as "the Guernica of genre fiction," together with the sequel, INK, it forms the Book of All Hours diptych,

Other publications include: the novel TESTAMENT; the novella ESCAPE FROM HELL!; chapbooks AN A-Z OF THE FANTASTIC CITY and ERRATA; poetry collections SONGS FOR THE DEVIL AND DEATH and SODOM / NEW SODOM; the short story collections SCRUFFIANS and THE BOY WHO LOVED DEATH; and RHAPSODY, a book-length essay on strange fiction.

Most recently he published A SCRUFFIAN SURVIVAL GUIDE, a chapbook collecting all-new works in the Scruffian mythos, with the previously published Scruffians stories to be reissued December 2017 in two matching chapbooks, A SCRUFFIAN PRIMER and A SCRUFFIAN FEASTIARY.

The novella SUSURRUS ON MARS is due out from Lethe Press in October 2017.

Spoken Word

From readings at book launches and conventions, Hal has taken to spoken word, performing stories and poetry at various live events. He's supported The Vaselines at a charity gig, joined Glasgow acid rock legends The Cosmic Dead onstage, and was one of the team of artists from different fields who collaborated with Skye band The Dead Man's Waltz on the show Story's End, subsequently playing Edinburgh Fringe with them.

For the last two years, he's been recording monthly video and audio readings for Patreon sponsors to stream or download, and with hours of material built up on Vimeo is now releasing one reading each month to the general public.

Book Doctor Services

Manuscript Critique

Get an in-depth critique of your writing, identifying flaws and suggesting solutions.


Get a one-to-one mentoring session scheduled to suit you and tailored to your needs.
Hal is a seasoned member of the GSFWC with ~30 years experience in rigorous manuscript critique, ~10 years experience working as a professional book doctor for Writers Workshop, and ~5 years experience running workshops and mentoring aspiring writers one-to-one. He has worked on innumerable books over the years, including one novel subsequently nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award.
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